At Thinkie, we're not publishers, just teachers and scientists - Collectively we have decades of experience in developing and using science resources, however, we wanted find out what other AQA teachers across the UK needed from an everyday teaching and learning resource.

We wanted it to be:

Time Saving

  • Instant access to resources, whatever device you have and whatever classroom you are in
  • 400+ colourful engaging resource pages
  • Contains over 1500 links to high quality web resources and videos
  • Contains practice Q&As for a quick tests, or homework activities
  • Level 9-1 Topic Assessments and marking schemes will help take the stress out of ongoing assessment


As teachers we know all classes need different approaches. We didn't want to tie teachers into using computer rooms, or anything else. We've made it as flexible as we possibly can so use can use it to enhance your teaching.

    • Allows teachers and students to interact at the whiteboard
    • Allows teachers to run a lesson using mobile phones, tablets or on laptops.
    • Pupils can use Thinkie on any device at home (with student access pack), making homework activities easy to set.

Achievement Focused

Thinkie provides the tools you and your students need, leaving you the time and space to teach.

  • Engages students and promotes "ownership" of their progress.
  • Student access - the ultimate revision pack - students sometimes forget their books but they'll never forget their phones!
  • Online links to web videos and animations - ideal for students that 'hate' conventional revision.

Exam Board Specific

Thinkie covers the full AQA specification for 9-1 Biology, Chemistry and Physics, including the new maths and practical content.

  • Look at the top right hand corner of each resource and you and your pupils can instantly find out if the material is designed for Single Higher (SH), Single Foundation (SF), Combined Higher (CH) or Combined Foundation (CF) learners.
  • We even supply detailed but student friendly mark schemes with suggested 9-1 levels debated by our team and sample schools. 

450+ Topic Pages

The package contains over 400 beautifully illustrated topic summary pages.

  • Every page links the best topic related educational materials on the web.
  • Each topic has downloadable Practice Questions & Answers which can be used as class tests or as homework. At the end of each topic there are 2 full topic assessments with clear marking schemes.

1500+ Web Links

We know that not all students engage well with written materials, so throughout our topic summaries we've provided approximately 1500 instant links you to the best educational web resources we can find.

  • We've only selected the very best short video, animations and practice questions that specifically cover the AQA specification.
  • Teachers find these particularly useful for hard-to-engage students, and for providing extended learning opportunities for high achievers.