Thinkie offers:

  • 450 Beautifully designed topic summaries giving students exactly the information required for AQA specification GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • Links to over 1500 short videos, animations to bring each topic to life using mobile technology. 

Each school will receive a Master Folder. The folder contains hard-copies of all the resources that teachers can access online (download demo hard-copy resources). The resources are simple to photocopy and can be used for work in class or at home. Pupils can simply scan the summary pages with any mobile device to link to all the great videos, animations and questions available online.

What have we seen teachers using hard-copies for?

These pages can be complied week by week to enable pupils to develop a personal interactive folder covering the whole GCSE course

Some classes seem to prefer to get cutting and pasting. Creating personalised revision pages in their exercise books, using the great images, key information and details they gather from the accompanying video and animations. Make sure they paste in the mobile codes so that each poster is interactive when they revisit it with any mobile device.

Practice Questions and Answers

Each topic has multiple Practice Q&As for students to use to reflect on their progress and revise for our end of topic Assessments. The answers are provided so students can undertake self-assessment or peer marking.

Student Logins

If you'd like your students to get online and access to the 450 Topic Summaries and 1500 associated resources themselves, this option is also available. Please click here for available packages.