Thinkie is a multi-user teaching product for Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSE that has:

    • Over 450 pages of teaching resources called "Topic Summaries",
    • Over 150 Q&A resources
    • 49 full end of topic assessments and marking schemes


  • Over 1500 web-links to topic related videos, educational pages and animations 


How many teachers can use Thinkie? The login  we supply covers all the science teacher within your department. Discounts are available for multiple schools within trusts.

Can students access Thinkie themselves? Yes! When your department purchases Thinkie just select the pack with student online access to suit your school and get your students 24/7 access in class or at home.

How will my students benefit from Thinkie if we do not purchase online access for them? Besides all the great teaching you can do we also supply a master-copy folder that once photocopied can be used by every pupil to access every video or animation by simply scanning the sheet with any mobile dive or entering a quick code into a laptop. Pupils can build superb topic summaries in their exercise books or build comprehensive GCSE revision folders. So many opportunities exist to use in class or at home.

How long does access last? Each subscription pack is for 1 year. However, you retain a master-copy folder.

How easy is it to access online? Just go to our website and choose the topic you need. Enter your teacher password and off you go. You can use it on a whiteboard, your PC or even your mobile - it adapts to the way you teach.

Is there anything that might prevent me from using Thinkie? You'll need an internet connection to access the full online Thinkie package. If you're offline you can use the master-copy sheets to teach.

What if I lose my password? It's a department password, so just ask a colleague or contact us.

What if my student's lose their passwords? It's a school password, so they can ask a school friend or ask a teacher.

What about password security? All our products (online and offline) are watermarked with the school name. Password sharing outside the school is strictly prohibited for both teachers and students. The teacher and student passwords are enabled for the number of users in that school only, so if passwords are shared outside the school it will stop the school from using the products.  (We routinely track password usage via IP address and location, and our system tracks usage and highlights any unauthorised patterns of usage. If this happens we reserve the right to cancel and re-issue passwords, or withdraw the service entirely).