What your department and pupils get

All prices Allow 1 year access to the online resources 

1. DepartmentAl pack – (main package)

a. Thinkie Online Resource Pack – A 450 page online resource covering all 3 sciences. Over 1500 links to video, animations and practice questions scattered throughout its pages. All content with HT and FT , Combined and Separate markers so there is no chance of teaching the wrong content!

b. Master-folder – A master folder for your department which contains hard copies of each page from the online resource. The clickable links (arrows) found throughout the online resource have been swapped for QR codes so your student can easily access the 1500 videos, animations and practice questions by scanning with a mobile device or on a PC.

Photocopy the pages, build your own folders and scan the codes with any mobile device.

c. 49 Topic Assessments & Marking Schemes (9-1) – Are found at the end of each topic in the online resource. 1 click to print. Higher and foundation tier assessments each with combined and separate questions.

You will receive a personal login for each teacher in your department

£499 per annum

2. pupil online access (optional add on)

Why not let your pupils access the online resource in school. They can login on using any of your departmental or school mobile devices, iPADs, tablets, laptops or in computer rooms. Note – these logins are only available with the purchase of the department pack (above).

1 login = £8 per annum

10 logins = £70 per annum

20 logins = £120 per annum

30 logins = £160 per annum

50 logins = £250 per annum

100 logins = £420 per annum

We can supply logins for your whole KS4 cohort at a reduced rate pro rata


1 x department pack = £499

1 x 30 pupil logins = £160

Total price = £659

Private pupil purchases – 50% Off for your students

Once you have purchased the online department pack, we offer each of your pupils the opportunity purchase their own private copy as a 450 topic summary book. They can then revise and access the 1500 associated resources wherever there is internet available!

RRP from’ Thinkie’ = £45             50% off through your school  = £20

We supply promotional slips that can be given to each pupil that enables them to claim the 50% discount from the ‘Thinkie’ site (www.science-gcse.co.uk)

An outstanding offer compared to our competitors such as the commonly used CGP revision guides.