Who are the Thinkie team?
Thinkie was originally percieved by Rob, who wrote the content and designed the diagrams based on the AQA GCSE science specification. Rob used all his 20 years experience within the science laboratory to create something which was practical, to the point and easy for students to follow. The package was then  brought together by his sister Leigh and our graphic design team.
Rob studied at zoology at  Swansea University, graduating in 1997, before taking up a research post at Oxford where he worked within a mammalian genetics project. He subsequently taught GCSE and A-level science in secondary schools across the UK and abroad for over 20 years, holding Head of Faculty roles in several schools and sharing good practice and teaching approaches with other schools within his LEA. He was rated as an AST in 2012.
Leigh received a DPhil in cell biology from Oxford University and has over a decade of experience in designing and running online businesses. Her graphic design and website development skills have brought the resources to life in a most attractive and easy-to-use fashion.
The basic principle of The Thinkie topic summaries and assessments evolved around 10 years ago. Rob began producing simple work books containing links to external websites and his own online resources. These were much appreciated by pupils as they allowed independent learning and the increased engagement saw a significant increase in exam achievementStepping back from full time teaching in 2015 to build a much more extensive package for AQA schools, Rob now advises on the science content within the Thinkie package and works within schools to help them get the very best from their resources.
Meet the rest of the team.
All of the following teachers and designers played a role in developing the package and continue to work with us to develop Thinkie into a powerful teaching, learning and assessment tool.
Dr Jason Burns -Dphil Oxford – Jason has been in the dock and found guilty of killing sheep in cruel and unusual ways
Ms Vicki Cottrell – Bsc Msc – Vicki is unreasonable because she always agrees with Rob.
(Mr Adrian DeereJones – Excellent chef and host but Chorizo stew remains only his 3rd best dish)
Ms Sarah
These must be improved!!!